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A Novel Idea: J.P. Carey

"What could be more time saving and elegant, than to have your 
own private chauffeur drive you to and from the terminal?"

So asked one James P. Carey That is, J.P. Carey,
barber, shoe and apparel vendor, garage and rental car operator,
and founder of the present day $120 million dollar limousine empire
that carries his name. From his barber shop in a prized location
at Grand Central Station, Carey came to understand the habits,
needs, and wants of the wealthy who ventured to
and from New York City.

...Reliable, formal motorized chauffeured transportation in 1921 was a far cry
from the next cab in line. Carey’s savvy eye recognized that visitors to New York might
wish for a more comfortable and socially-prominent display than that available from the
curbs of Park Avenue and 42nd Street. Carey cut straight to it, and, make no mistake,
with the best and most expensive cars of the day, Packard and Cadillac. Followed by
son J. Paul Carey and, later, grandson, Paul Carey, Jr., the Grand Central Packard
Renting Corporation earned its reputation for consummate service that continues
to this day in the form of Carey International

The year was 1921 when Carey's first limousine - a Packard Touring Car - carried our first paassengers. I t started a series of continious innovations that have helped Care serve our customers better and , in so doing, drive our way to indiustry leadership. Today, weve expanded the boundaries of innovation further than ever before with our new, ultra 0 convenient Web-based e-Reservation Center.

  • Established the first limousine company

  • The first to establish a domestic franchisee network

  • The first centralized Global Reservation System

  • The first with full cellular phone service throughout its fleet.

  • The first in the industry with an extended Lincoln Town Car

  • The first Mobile Dispatch Unit for large meeting and events

  • The first to offer "Meet & Greet" service at major airports..

  • The first to adopt a chauffeur certification program throughout our entire network.

  • The first to assure service consistency globally via ownership of the leading operators in major strategic markers in the United State and Europe

  • The first to fully meet the needs of large organizations with extensive world wide travel through a customized global account services rpprogram

  • The first to give travel arrangers and passengers the case and convenience of a Web based, self service , e-Reservation Cente accrossgll its global network.




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